The picturesque village of Cruzy lies at the conjunction of the sea, the Cevennes, the Haute Languedoc national park, and is just 2hrs away from the closest ski resorts. Whether you wish to test your legs for a day after a long absence from skiing, or head to the mountains for a week, the ski resorts of the Pyrenees are almost on your doorstep.

Some of the smaller resorts are just a 90 minute drive away while the bigger complexes of Les Angles and Font-Romeu are a little over 2hr 30 minutes away. If you feel the need for a longer trip, adding another hour to your journey puts the resorts of Andorra within range.

There are so many little known, local resorts, that you could spend every weekend of the season trying a new ski village or town, and still have more to explore for next year. Although the skiing may not be as challenging as some areas, easy access to Les Anges and Andorra means that there is something for everyone within easy reach of Maison Cruzy.